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Hosting Plans

  • Basic Hosting:
    • Cost: $5/month or $50/year. (save $10/year with yearly plan)
    • Email: IMAP, IMAPS, POP, and webmail email@yourdomain.com, or email@mydomain.com multiple accounts
    • Email: forwarding to other adressses, SPAM filtering, procmail, autoresponders, email lists, multiple email accounts, and more
    • WWW: Web hosting, with PHP,perl,ruby CGI available
    • WWW: Wiki, forums, gallery, guestbook, counters or other custom applications installable
    • Streaming: Quicktime streaming available
    • Remote access: SSH and/or FTP
    • MySQL Database with phpmyadmin on request
    • Subversion source code repostitory on request
    • Diskspace and bandwidth depending on need and availability ( 10 GB to start )
    • Multiple Domains within reasonable limits (domain registration price not included)
    • Preinstalled web applications if asked: Gallery, Wiki, forums etc:
Other hosting available on demand/availability ask me..

Under no circumstances will abuse or illegal activey be tollerated

$5/month subscription $50/year subscription
Monthly Subscribe
Yearly Subscribe

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