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As a long time user of Open Source Software this is my contribution back to the community.

  • LibWorkQueue

    • This library is a priority work queue scheduler.
    • Features:
      • Written in pure C. Works with C++ compilers
      • Cross Platform. Works on Linux, BSD and other POSIX OSs as well as Win32 (MS Windows)
      • Works on Linux, BSD and other POSIX OSs.
      • Lightweight 10KB (on x86) shared object library
      • No floating point operations for processors without FPU
    • Typical uses for prioritizing, queueing, and/or scheduling:
      • A synchronous database API
      • Hardware I/O to a device where commands must be queued.
      • Periodic work that must be scheduled every X period for example:
        • A software watchdog to check that your system is OK.
        • A periodic check of network I/O
        • a cron job scheduler
    • Browse and download code on git hub libworkqueue

  • PHP Radius Accounting Tool (PRAT)

    • For use with freeradius and mysql.
    • Listing of Users:
      • Bandwidth used by user up/down, # of logins, Usage Details
      • Who is using most bandwidth
    • List of stations (Access Points)
      • Which users use each Access Point
      • Most popular Access points
      • Most bandwidth used by station
      • Logins per station
    • Download version 0.1 radius_acct_tools.tgz

  • Pushing host monitor

    • Simple host monitoring tool, the hosts push their info to the server that runs php/MySQL.
    • The host sends the data using a web client (wget for example) So it is suitable for embedded systems.
    • I use it on access points running OpenWRT Linux
    • since the hosts are pushing the data, they can be behind a firewall/NAT or proxy.
    • Download version 0.2 pushing_host_monitor-0.2.tgz

  • Lonworks using linux.

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